Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year is Like a Blank Canvas

"A new year is like a blank canvas. It already holds every possible outcome that you can imagine." - Elizabeth Diamond

The beginning of a new year is a time of great hope and possibility. Along with its arrival arises the feeling of rebirth and renewal that inspire a ready eagerness within a person to take action on their heartfelt goals and dreams. It does not matter what challenges one is currently facing, a new year is a time where adversities are overlooked as one refocuses on the things that hold special value in his or her life. The process of becoming aware of the things and activities that fill the self with meaning and purpose create the opportunity to breakthrough past behaviors and ways of being.

As one uses this time to willingly step forward into a more empowered way of living, it is important to set intentions for the year ahead to ensure that one’s commitment to achieving their goals and dreams is sustained. To help keep you focused on your desired goals throughout the year are five simple suggestions:

1. Write a list of all your passions, skills and talents. Notice the ones you currently embrace in your life and then notice which ones you neglect or put off for a later time.

2. Each morning upon waking, set your intentions for the day. Renew personal affirmations and visualize yourself living out what you are affirming. Talk yourself up by using the most positive and uplifting words you can find. Tell yourself how powerful you are and that you can create anything you set your mind to. This self-affirming talk instills a joyful hope of all good things to come throughout the day. It puts you in a positive mindset that attracts experiences that are like in nature.

3. At some point throughout the day, write down three inspired actions that you are willing to commit to in order to bring you closer to achieving a desired goal. The goals that you choose should feel EASY and FUN. We are not looking for quantity here, only quality. Remember, it is all about the joy of creating out of passion and inspiration. Only create goals and steps that FEEL good and bring joy to your day.

4. Anchor your dreams and visions by giving them physical shape and form through a visual platform such a as vision boarding, creating a mind movie or intentional scrapbooking. Intentional scrapbooking is a meditative process that contains all the creative elements that strongly imprint the subconscious of desired direction. Scrapbooking with focused intent allows all four levels of BEING to move into alignment. This sends a crystal clear message to the universe of the desired outcome you intend to achieve.

5. Upon falling asleep at night, ponder your accomplishments of the day. Taking the time to recognize your achievements places you in that enjoyable spot of where you want to be which creates a powerful attractive force. Allow yourself to spend time living out your desired dreams as you drift off to sleep.

Use this time to embrace your magnificence and step into your deepest joys and passions. You already have everything you need to create with an attentive awareness a year filled with any outcome that you can imagine. Set your intentions, enlist your imagination, hold the vision, take inspired action steps and allow the universe to manage the details and you will be living out your desired goals and dreams!

© 2010 Elizabeth Diamond, All Rights Reserved.

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